What is Friction Training?

Born from decades of expertise of professional athletes and fitness professionals, Friction Training™ body weight exercises develops strength, stability, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. Friction Training™ requires the use of the FLOWIN® Board, a portable performance training tool which utilizes gravity and the use of user’s own body weight combined with horizontal friction, resulting in an extremely versatile exercise form with hundreds of exercises.

FLOWIN® Friction Training™ is a high intensity, low impact workout which utilizes a patented friction technology to help you get the most out of your fitness routine. FLOWIN® Concept is a total body workout system which combines body weight training with horizontal friction resulting in an extremely versatile exercise form, utilized by top athletes, personal trainers and private users all over the world.

The FLOWIN® Team believes in using the body as a tool, without the distraction of constricting equipment in order to maximize results and minimize the risk of injury. The FLOWIN® Board is a functional exercise tool focusing on stabilizing the core, building muscle and losing weight.

Born from a interdisciplinary cooperation between top athletes, fitness professionals and material engineering experts, FLOWIN® Friction Training™ develops strength, balance, core stability and flexibility simultaneously. The FLOWIN® Friction Board™ is a highly portable training tool that leverages gravity, horizontal friction and the user’s own body weight to complete hundreds of dynamic exercises.


Our most popular FLOWIN® Board. The FLOWIN® Sport Board is a rollable and portable board suitable for home and travelling. The FLOWIN® Sport Board comes in a travel case for easy transportation. Comes complete with board and pads as well as access to workouts online.

PRICE: £135.00 + VAT


Half the size of the Pro Board, the FLOWIN® Physio Board is developed with health professionals in mind, including physiotherapists. The FLOWIN® Physio Board is smaller in size than the other FLOWIN® Boards which makes it ideal for using on a rehabilitation bench or bed, or for use in limited spaces.

PRICE: £175.00 + VAT


NEW IN! The Flowin® Fitness Board is our smallest and most portable FLOWIN® board yet. Half the size of the FLOWIN® Sport Board, it is even easier to bring with you wherever you’re going. The FLOWIN® Fitness is our smallest FLOWIN® Board – easy to keep at home and now even easier to bring with you wherever you’re going.

PRICE: £99.00 + VAT


The FLOWIN® Pro Board is a stiff board suitable for use in a stationary environment such as a home, studio, or gym environment. Comes complete with board and pads as well as a personal voucher for access to workouts online. Colours: Black or White

PRICE: £225.00 + VAT

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