Improving people’s health, performance and quality of life with innovative applications: this is what drives us.



People’s health and health promotion are the central factors in the development of creative ideas and their implementation in innovative applications. Idiag products improve the health – sustainably, every day.

Quality of Life

For a happy life, one factor is particularly decisive: quality of life. In cooperation with leading tertiary institutions, Idiag develops products that are geared towards maintaining and improving the users’ quality of life – without exception.


Top-level performance in sport requires two things: health and the will to continually enhance performance. Idiag products aid and promote performance enhancement – with measurable success.



Precise, radiation free back scan, identifies the essentials for individual back treatments.

• Diagnostics - Individual back scan for targeted therapies. Optimised treatment outcome and reduced risks.

• Therapy Monitoring - Transparent patient information in the form of simple, easy-to-understand graphics. Precise data on the spinal column’s geometry to document the treatment outcome.

• Prevention - Identification of any abnormalities via substantiated determination of back geometry, stability and mobility. Generation of relevant clinical data for the development of successful therapies.


Performance optimisation via respiratory muscle training

• High-performance sport - Efficient maximisation of sporting performance.

• Fitness - Demonstrably improved endurance performance thanks to targeted training.

• Health - Lasting boost to physical and mental health via a specially developed training method.


Improved quality of life via respiratory therapy

• Pulmonary diseases - Effective supplement to COPD therapy. Positive impact on health.

• Musculoskeletal diseases - Reduction of pain in the musculoskeletal system. Offsetting of the resulting deficiencies in quality of life.

• Neuromuscular diseases - Effective combating of various symptoms of neuromuscular diseases.


Your muscles’ oxygen monitor

• Diagnostics - Idiag Moxy uses near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to provide accurate, real-time measurements of muscle oxygen saturation (Sm02) to optimise training. Through a simple step-test protocol the Idiag Moxy can deliver important physiological data to help establish individual training recommendations. The device is portable, compact and non-invasive.

• Training - Real time muscle oxygenation information can increase efficiency and efficacy of training. The diagnostic power of the Idiag Moxy can be combined directly with day to day training. The user can continuously monitor exercise intensity and adjust the HIIT recovery and performance intervals at any time.

• Research - Muscle oxygenation is an innovative bioenergetic measure. The accuracy of Idiag Moxy can be combined with simple in-field experiment designs. The focus is on the collection of sound scientific data with real world implications for research. To understand local and global physiological responses in sport specific settings, multiple devices are combined.


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