Five Concept - What is five?

• Movement Preparation • Mobilisation • Recovery • Regeneration • Flexibility • Stretching

Our vision is to generate a worldwide training movement that turns the common training theory upside down. The five method was developed on the basis of scientific findings. Our five-device course serves as an aid and tool for balanced training. With the help of the five exercises we want to help the trainees worldwide to have a better quality of life and contribute a little bit to the fact that "old thinking" is reconsidered.

With five, our everyday bending positions are broken up by backward movements. Already four to five backward movements per day can change the physical sensation. We understand five as a kind of body hygiene such as "brushing your teeth". If you use five intensively, not only as personal hygiene or prevention, it optimizes the entire muscular system with its training approach and can influence it. Combining five with an intelligent strength training programme, you get an incredible power development of the muscles. And without, that the muscles get thicker.

Pro Line - Select from 4 to 11 stations
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Fascia Line - Select individual pieces to supplement Pro Line
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Express Line - Select 5 stations
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All in One, Five Business & M5 - Select individual pieces
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